Monday, May 30, 2011


 A Taste of Cincinnati where over 500 tracts were handed out...

The four men on their way back from handing out over 400 tracts at a Memorial Day parade.  They did a wonderful job!

RV life with our boys...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Our drive through the Midwest

Visiting with our friends, Kerri and Jason and their children, who our boys really miss.

Flooding in Southern Illinois and Indiana.  The farmland looked more like the lakes in Florida.

At the drive-in for Mother's Day.  Christopher and two of the boys took advantage of the time waiting for the movie to begin by going to each car to pass out gospel tracks and chat.

Prayer Request:

Jason and Kerri (mentioned above) are going through a VERY difficult time and have been for a few years now when Jason became disabled.  He has a lung disease that has caused him to be steroid dependent for over 10 years, causing major bone issues.  In addition, his pituitary gland stopped functioning two years ago, so that has contributed greatly to brittle bone disease. He can break a bone just from sneezing and recently fell, causing rib, spinal, and skull fractures.

They have a difficult time getting to church and basically Jason leaves the house just for doctor's appointments anymore. Kerri has always homeschooled their four children, but recently went back to work in order to cover the medical bills and perscription costs. Please pray for Jason's healing and comfort. And, pray for continued provision over all of their bills, as well as any other ways you are lead to pray for this wonderful, cheerful family.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Noonday Ministries

I went to Noonday Ministries daily outreach one last time before we left Albuquerque. We had put together 125 Homeless Packs, Bibles and reading glasses. Director/Pastor Danny Whately, Kitchen Supervisor Gilda McBain and a handful of faithful volunteers run a well organized outreach. Prior to noon, lunch is made and the serving line is setup. People begin to line up around the back side of the building well before noon time. A Christian Legal Aide representative shows up to sign up anyone who wishes to see an attorney for council. One or two police officers also arrive just prior to noon, to help keep peace and order. At noon the doors open and the people flow in and seat themselves at long rows of tables. The room is a large one that was once used as an indoor basketball court. It still might be at other times. The crowd grew to about 300 people. The back row of the room, which is closest to the food, is for those with disabilities or limited mobility. These folks get served first, after the message. Pastor Danny gives a 15 minute, or so, Bible lesson with the Gospel.  He announced that I was there to distribute Hygiene Packs (Homeless Packs: Bible, Bible study bookmark, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving razor, shampoo, headache medicine packet, bandages and antibiotic pack, and other varying items). So, as people got their food they walked by my table. I got to ask each person if they needed a Bible and a pack. I also told people to check the Bible and make sure the print was large enough for them to read. I asked them to let me know if it wasn’t. Some people needed one of the large print Gospel of Johns while others needed to be outfitted with new reading glasses. I passed out all 125 Homeless Packs and switched to giving out a Bible, shampoo and toothpaste. Once, I ran out of the shampoo, people were still very thankful for the Bible and toothpaste. After I was done, one of the volunteers made me a tray of the food they had finished serving. The stew and cornbread were delicious! I pray that God continues to use Noonday Ministries to feed the spirit and body of those in need for many years to come.