Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Homeless Care Packs

As Thanksgiving nears, it always amplifies the contrast of those with and those without. While going about your errands this year, you'll have opportunities to bless those in need with the hope of Jesus Christ. You can make and give out Homeless Care Packs to those in need. Simply put a Gospel of John or New Testament, a bottle of water and a energy bar in a bag. You can package the items in plastic shopping bags, reusable shopping bags, one gallon sized freezer bags, or you may have an extra backpack or purse no longer used. Here are a list of items for men, women and children.

Bible or Gospel of John
List of local shelters
churches and social services
local fast food gift card
tooth brush and tooth paste
emergency space blanket
plastic rain poncho
men: shaving razor and travel size shaving cream
women: sanitary napkins
children: pocket sized toys

The key to distributing your newly assembled Homeless Packs, is to have them readily available. If you are driving by yourself, put your packs besides you on the passenger seat. This way you can easily pass it out the window. And if you have others with you in the car, just store some packs on the floor boards of your vehicle.
A word of caution: be safe as you give our your Homeless Packs. Be careful not to endanger yourself or your passengers while in traffic. Likewise, don't attempt to hand out packs if you don't feel that you can safely do so.
This can be a great family project. It can be a good way to teach children about some ways you can love your neighbor.