Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Prayers and Support + Spirit Filled Students = Big Opportunities

We have been holding Way of the Master Basic Evangelism Course classes in the basement of a small Midwest church. In January, we will start another 8 week basic course and offer the Way of the Master Intermediate Evangelism Course as well. God is so amazing. I love how He does things in such unexpected ways. Here is a good example. My friend Trace and I have done some street witnessing together. He also attended out Way of the Master Basic Evangelism Course in Walnut Shade, MO. Last month he travel to California for work with Rod, another friend of ours. They sent me the picture above. Recently, they went to a Chicken Foot concert. The band was described to me as an all-star rock band with former Van Halen lead singer, Hagar. Just before the show Trace stepped outside the theater while Rod watched their seats. A few minutes later Trace came back and reported that he just meet legendary rocker Sammy Hagar. The people sitting by them were very envious. So, Rod suggested that Trace take them outside to see if Mr. Hagar was still outside. He was and they all got their picture with the rock star. Trace went back to his seat and began to feel great regret. You see, Trace having a heart for evangelism and being a good student of the evangelism course had some tracts in his pocket. He told Rod how he should have given Sammy Hagar a Gospel tract. Rod encouraged him to go and see if he was still outside. The show had not started yet and I was worth a try. Trace went outside and not only was Sammy Hagar there, but so were others from the band. And yes, he gave them all Gospel tracts.
 There are some great lessons here. One, always have gospel tracts with you. One never knows when God will give you an opportunity to witness to a neighbor or celebrity. We can't always see the next opportunity to share Jesus Christ, so be ready. The second lesson here to note is to travel in pairs when possible. Jesus sent the disciples out in two's. Rod was able to see that an opportunity to hand out tracts was still available. Rod also gave Trace the encouragement Trace needed when he thought he missed a great chance to witness. Two Spirit filled Christians are better than one : )
Your prayers and support are producing exciting fruit for the Lord. Please continue to pray for the ministry and our family. Also, pray that the Holy Spirit does a work in Sammy Hagar and the members of Chicken Foot. God bless you. Now go share Jesus Christ with someone : )