Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Mission of On The Road Family Outreach

 In our passion to glorify God, and exalt His Son, Jesus Christ, it is our mission to proclaim the Gospel through opportunities to serve others, share the Gospel and equip Christians with God's Word. We serve families and individuals who camp/RV recreationally to full-time, whether it is by choice or by economic circumstances. We do this by living among the 400,000 fulltime camping/RV population and offer encouragement, Bible studies, prayer, children's Bible activities, evangelism workshops, food and basic necessity assistance. In addition, we hope to make the body of Christ aware of the rapidly growing number of displaced families in our domestic mission field.


  1. I can't wait to follow your blog as you go on this adventure for Christ! (GeorgiaPeachie from MOMYS!)

  2. This is all exciting! You have all the links to purchase tracks, Bibles etc. How do we get them to you? Do we specify somewhere that they go to you or do we have them sent to us then to you somehow?

    Bethel MOPS

  3. I can give you an address of where we'll be soon. :) Some one has offered to let us stay in their driveway for a few nights towards the end of January, so I can ask her. There will be other people each month that may be able to receive them, as well. thanks for asking this Sheila!