Sunday, October 31, 2010

On The Road Family Outreach update:

    This week the mobile ministry/home will visit a local RV service center for a number of repairs and maintenance. We are also planning a variety of out reaches for differing venues. Have you ever been to an outreach or been a part one that you thought was effective? Please share your experience with us. As the body of Christ we all have a part in the soul harvest. Being in the body of Christ means you are already a ministry partner. Since we are a smaller ministry, we will be able to easily incorporate new ways to reach and serve people. So, any comments or suggestions will be read by someone. We even will respond. In the event that we become inundated with emails, we'll praise the Lord.

     What can I do, you say? One can help at a OTRFO in your area. Others many choose to send Bibles and Gospel tracts for outreaches. People can participate through donations, prayer, planning, etc. The point is everyone can have an opportunity to get involved. The Body of Christ is made up of many different people with different talents. Some people have been financially blessed and are able to make monetary donations. Some people have the gift of helps or administration, and give their time in service. Still, others whose bodies are growing weak with age or ailments serve as great prayer warriors. You can add us to your prayer chain.


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