Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Being Available to God

We are in the final stages of preparation for our up coming outreaches. Bibles and Gospel tracts are on order for our first month. The RV is getting serviced and repaired for safe use. We are looking forward to the divine appointments that God has set up for us. 

   Some years ago I heard a pastor talk about how God sets up divine appointments for him to share the Gospel. He talked about praying for God to use him and then having unique opportunities to witness to others. Sometimes it would be moments later or it often would be with the person next to him on a plane.

    In the summer of 2000, I was on a flight to Charleston, South Carolina. I was so excited to see if God would put me next to someone who was searching for Him. I sat next to my boss at that time, and on the other side of me was a man in the Navy. He was a nice guy and we began talking. The topic of our discussion moved to religion, to the Bible and then to his questions about God. Before we landed, he prayed the sinners prayer, repented of his sins and asked for Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior.

    It is amazing what God will let us be a part of in service to others when we are simply willing to be available for Him. By living in a motor home full time, we are giving our family flexibility with time and location to be available for God's divine appointments.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Homeless Care Packs

As Thanksgiving nears, it always amplifies the contrast of those with and those without. While going about your errands this year, you'll have opportunities to bless those in need with the hope of Jesus Christ. You can make and give out Homeless Care Packs to those in need. Simply put a Gospel of John or New Testament, a bottle of water and a energy bar in a bag. You can package the items in plastic shopping bags, reusable shopping bags, one gallon sized freezer bags, or you may have an extra backpack or purse no longer used. Here are a list of items for men, women and children.

Bible or Gospel of John
List of local shelters
churches and social services
local fast food gift card
tooth brush and tooth paste
emergency space blanket
plastic rain poncho
men: shaving razor and travel size shaving cream
women: sanitary napkins
children: pocket sized toys

The key to distributing your newly assembled Homeless Packs, is to have them readily available. If you are driving by yourself, put your packs besides you on the passenger seat. This way you can easily pass it out the window. And if you have others with you in the car, just store some packs on the floor boards of your vehicle.
A word of caution: be safe as you give our your Homeless Packs. Be careful not to endanger yourself or your passengers while in traffic. Likewise, don't attempt to hand out packs if you don't feel that you can safely do so.
This can be a great family project. It can be a good way to teach children about some ways you can love your neighbor.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

On The Road Family Outreach update:

    This week the mobile ministry/home will visit a local RV service center for a number of repairs and maintenance. We are also planning a variety of out reaches for differing venues. Have you ever been to an outreach or been a part one that you thought was effective? Please share your experience with us. As the body of Christ we all have a part in the soul harvest. Being in the body of Christ means you are already a ministry partner. Since we are a smaller ministry, we will be able to easily incorporate new ways to reach and serve people. So, any comments or suggestions will be read by someone. We even will respond. In the event that we become inundated with emails, we'll praise the Lord.

     What can I do, you say? One can help at a OTRFO in your area. Others many choose to send Bibles and Gospel tracts for outreaches. People can participate through donations, prayer, planning, etc. The point is everyone can have an opportunity to get involved. The Body of Christ is made up of many different people with different talents. Some people have been financially blessed and are able to make monetary donations. Some people have the gift of helps or administration, and give their time in service. Still, others whose bodies are growing weak with age or ailments serve as great prayer warriors. You can add us to your prayer chain.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Mission of On The Road Family Outreach

 In our passion to glorify God, and exalt His Son, Jesus Christ, it is our mission to proclaim the Gospel through opportunities to serve others, share the Gospel and equip Christians with God's Word. We serve families and individuals who camp/RV recreationally to full-time, whether it is by choice or by economic circumstances. We do this by living among the 400,000 fulltime camping/RV population and offer encouragement, Bible studies, prayer, children's Bible activities, evangelism workshops, food and basic necessity assistance. In addition, we hope to make the body of Christ aware of the rapidly growing number of displaced families in our domestic mission field.