Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu is in the middle of it’s busy season for Spring Break party goers (mostly college students). We have been passing out Gospel tracts and witnessing on a main walkway near the famous London Bridge. This has been a great spot to catch party goers cruising the water front and marina. The local pastors have told me that the atmosphere becomes very ‘Corinthian’ as you get out on the lake.
When using tracts for street witnessing as a tool to start conversations, you can find yourself in a couple different scenarios. First, is the passer-by. For the most part, they are on their way somewhere and accept a tract while walking, without stopping to chat. The second scenario is that of those who are waiting. They may be in line for tickets or an attraction and have time to read and discuss their new tract. Often these situations attract those nearby to listen and join the conversation. You start talking to one person and end up giving (or defending) the Gospel with 10+ people.

Pastor Rudy and Pastor Dean
 Lake Havasu City and the Youth Pastor Round Table organize the annual Teen Break event. Eighteen years ago, the city’s leaders enlisted the help of local churches to come up with a safe venue for the youth of Lake Havasu to go on Spring Break. This came after police had found children as young as 10 years old, passed out drunk on boats out on the lake. Teen Break has developed into a 3 day event of carnival rides, food, extreme sports demonstrations and live music. I got in touch with the Youth Round Table and got to pass out tracts and witness. I handed out 800 tracts and got to give the Gospel message on stage when the last song ended. The youth pastors had a large prayer team on site to service those who wanted prayer.

Special thanks to Calvary Chapel Lake Havasu for letting us stay in their parking lot all week!


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