Monday, March 7, 2011

Phoenix Homeless Outreach

Yesterday, we loaded up the mini van with Bibles, bottled water and homeless packs and drove to Phoenix. This picture is of Mark with some water and his homeless pack. He told me that he especially appreciated the Bible and emergency blanket. Mark's sleeping bag was just stolen the day before. I shared the Gospel with him and encouraged him in the Lord. The homeless pack contained: New Testament, bottle of water, emergency blanket, tooth brush, tooth paste (travel size), shampoo packet, 2 floss sticks, Heaven and Hell Bible study Gospel track, snack bar, soap, shaving razor, single serving electrolyte drink mix, 2 pieces of hard candy, travel shaving cream,  4 oz emergency water pouch, and the zip lock bag used to hold everything.
Some of the homeless were easy to spot and some weren't. Some try hard to be inconspicuous in an effort to avoid problems that can arise from living on the streets. I have had to ask on a number of occasions if someone had a  place to stay or if they were homeless. I have been wrong a couple of times. So, they end up getting a Gospel tract instead of a homeless pack. I figure it's better to ask some if they need help than not ask at all.
The homeless packs continue to be a powerful tool to show love for those living on the streets. It gives us a way to minister to the immediate physical needs a person has and creates an open door for us to minister to their spiritual needs. Praise Jesus.
Thank you to all of you who share our posts with others, who pray for us and support the ministry. Those on the receiving end are truly thankful. Please pray that the Holy Spirit reminds them that God still has a plan for their life and renews their heart and lives.


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