Friday, March 4, 2011

At The Market

I met Brantley while witnessing to the merchants and customers at the Tyson Wells outdoor market. Brantley was a very interesting fellah. He is a commercial contractor who moonlights at various flea markets and festivals between bids. Here he is with his new pocket Evidence Bible and "Why Christianity?" DVD.

 He shared with me some of his life experiences. For instance, he told me how he and eleven others survived above ground in a EF5 tornado. I don't know much about tornadoes, but I found out and as he told me, an EF5 tornado is the highest tornado classification. The day was May 4, 2007 in Greensburg, KS. Brantley was at a gas station convenience store and the tornado sirens were going off. People were paralyzed with fear. Brantley and another man got a woman out of her car in the parking lot and told everyone to get into the walk in refrigerator. Brantley explained that he knew that the only thing in the convenience store that was bolted down was that walk in frig. They heard the horrifying sounds of the tornado going directly over them. It got quiet and they peaked out and all was calm. Then it dawned on them that they were in the eye of the tornado and quickly got back in the walk in frig. Then again a massive thunderous sound hit the building.

 When it was over, they stepped out to see that the whole convenience store and structure was shredded and scattered miles away. 95% of the town was completely demolished and 11 people died that day. The Bible says today is the day of salvation, tomorrow is guaranteed to no man. There is no better time to start (or come back to) a relationship with Jesus Christ than now.
Here is the youngest evangelist that I know. You can see the trillion dollar tracts in his pocket. He happily handed out several Gospel tracts today for the first time.


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