Thursday, June 16, 2011

God Uses Gospel Tracts

Have you ever passed out a Gospel tract? Do you wonder if handing out a tract still leads people to salvation? The short answer is yes. We see God use them in our outreaches. Whether it’s a person repenting of their sin or taking a tract to read as they walk by us. Charles Spurgeon called tracts silent preachers. He also viewed tracts as a valuable evangelistic tool for those people who don’t have time to speak you.  "When preaching and private talk are not available, you need to have a tract ready. Get good, striking tracts or none at all. But a touching gospel tract may be the seed of eternal life. Therefore, do not go out without your tracts." Note that Spurgeon strongly recommended the use of quality and creative tracts.
The Gospel is the most important message you can give anyone in your life. Think about how much time and preparation you put into a resume to detail your value for a potential employer. Or, how thoughtful you are when picking a greeting card for someone you care about.  Give out tracts that you would accept if someone handed it to you. We use tracts from Living Waters Publications. They are creative and more importantly, they feature the biblical Gospel.  Their Trillion Dollar Bill tract has given us more opportunities to talk to people than any other. We are stamping our web address ( on materials that we hand out. Now, when a person gets a tract or Bible from us, they can later send us questions about the Gospel and Christianity.
You never know who you might lead to Christ with a tract and the effect it will have on the world. After all, the famous missionary Hudson Taylor and the great preacher, George Whitefield, were saved through Gospel tracts. Billy Graham once said of Gospel Tracts: "Nothing surpasses a tract for sowing the seed of the Good News."  So get yourself some tracts. When you want to handout a tract just say, “Did you get one of these?”

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