Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick Update from Missouri

Greetings!  We are enjoying the now cooler temps here in Missouri. 

God has been meeting our needs in unexpected ways.  Our van continues to have problems, but we are sent people who figure out the problems, while others are sent to offer the tools we need.  Money for gas and other necessities come right at the perfect time as well as gifts of food.  We know we can trust God with all of our needs!

Christopher continues to teach an evangelism course, which has been going great.  He also continues to minister to those around the area in other ways.  There is a need for discipleship and foundational Biblical teaching.  We are so encouraged by those who are so hungry for Biblical truth!

We are really looking forward to the baby who is due in just 2 weeks!  We were recommended a wonderful midwife, three times over, in the town north of us.  We were supposed to have our regular midwife back in Ohio, but after a series of events, we realized Missouri was the plan.  A house has been offered to us temporarily so that we can have a homebirth, be close to a wonderful hospital, and have a comfortable place to recover and reorganize the RV.  Tonight I had the fun chore of washing little pink and blue clothes!  We will keep you updated in which color will be needed.  :)

Our oldest two boys decided to be baptized!  (They are the two pictured in the army green t-shirts.)  They were baptized by Pastor Ron and their Daddy in Table Rock Lake along with a friend of our's and his nephew. 

I hope that a new update with details on a healthy, safely delivered baby will be added to this blog SOON! 
Stay tuned.
:)  Kerry


  1. So excited for you all!!! Praising God for His provision for you...

  2. Kerry, I am going to message you on FB. I am in Missouri, wondering how close/far you are from me. I would love to meet up for lunch ... or even just to say hello. You're all in my prayers!!!