Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a Week Until We're Off!


Just a week left to get all of our things out of our house and either into the RV or given away.  There are some snow storms coming through the next several days.  Please pray that we will know when to leave and that we will be safe with out any RV problems.  Please pray also that we will have everything done here in time to leave!  We have been blessed with a great family to watch over our house.  We also have found good homes for our dogs, chickens, and guinea fowl.  We are down to one car that we will pull to make quick trips easier.  We're currently trying to figure out how to carry all of the bikes.

Our first week was very much divinely arranged.  Christopher will attend a three day pastor's conference, which is sure to be a big source of encouragement and inspiration.  The very next day, just a few miles away, we will attend a gathering of other families who travel full time, where we are sure to learn a great deal.  We were amazed how this week of training just fell into place. 


  1. I have been excitedly following your adventure, Kerry. My dh and I are praying and cheering for your family!

  2. So excited Kerry for you and your family .Thankyou for letting us know how it is going !! We are definalty praying !