Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training Week

On The Road Family Outreach is now on the road.  First stop was a pastors’ conference in Florida.  We traveled two days and everything went fairly smooth with the RV and trailer.  We did have one electrical fire, but by God’s grace it was a minor incident. 

The pastors’ conference was a great way to receive some encouragement as we enter the domestic mission field.  Gayle Erwin, Poncho Juarez, Bob Coy, Danny Lehmann, and Jim Cymbala spoke on a passion for God, God’s people, and for the lost.  One organization donated to On The Road Family Outreach a portable pulpit.  We will use it this coming Sunday for a sunrise service on the beach. 

 The first morning of the pastors‘ conference, a twister was spotted very close by, heading towards our campsite.  So, we immediately started the week very prayerful, seeking God’s protection.   
Today begins the second part of our training week.  In God’s wonderful plan, He put us in the exact spot where Families on The Road was having their 2011 rally.   This is a rare opportunity to speak with and learn from 16 other families who live full time and homeschool in an RV.  

We are working on plans to do outreaches in Florida before continuing on our route.  One family has offered to let us park in their driveway following the rally. 

We would like to say thank you to all of those people who were instrumental in launching this ministry and helping us get the RV in a safe, workable condition.   We greatly appreciate all those who have been praying for the ministry and for our family.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers. 

(We don’t have internet access at our campsite.  This will slow down our ability to post this week.)


  We have experienced a lot of firsts this week.  And, we’ve already had our first birthday on the road.  Our son turned four on Tuesday.  Christopher’s conference was so close by that he was able to come home for a birthday party during his dinner break. 

Yesterday, the boys saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, as well as saw a little crab and founds sea shells.  We have been eating all of our meals and washing dishes outside.   I am going to attempt to give the boys a bath today, wearing their swimsuits in a storage container.  We so appreciate the temperatures down here after such a time working outside, fixing and packing the RV in frigid temps.  I just wish I could mail some warmth to you all back North.     



  1. Praise the Lord for your safety and so happy to hear a update !!! What a blessing !!We are so excited for you guys !

  2. Hi

    Got your blog addy from Jennifer Hoskins. We are full-timers heading out to Hondo, TX for a new job. We are going to be the office/property managers for a campground near D'Hanis, TX. We have a 13 month contract with them.

    Sorry to hear about your fire. We too travel in an older RV and have had two engine fires in a year. The first one was $9000 worth of damage and the second one was $2500. Thankfully we had insurance for both of them. Hope your fire did not cause a lot of damage or cost a lot to repair. Ours was due to a hose that got hot/then cold/then hot/cold and finally cracked. The last time they put in a metal hose instead.

    Looking forward to traveling along with you. Do you have an itinerary of where you are headed?

    God be with you!!