Sunday, February 13, 2011

Driving Update

We were on our way to San Antonio and were spending the majority of the day driving. A day before, I was encouraging a brother in Christ to share the Gospel as God leads him. He told me how he gets chances to witness to Muslims and has been too timid to do so. We have prayed that God would give us opportunities to witness to traveler and professional truck drivers. We stopped for some fuel. While in the travel center of the truck stop a fella mentioned the RV. We talked briefly while walking out. I offered him a Bible. He told me he was a Muslim. I asked him about Muslim beliefs about Jesus. He agreed that they believe that he was a good teacher and prophet. So I encouraged him to read the good teachings of Jesus. He excepted a New Testament Evidence Bible. Praise God!

On another note, we don’t have any pictures this week. Our SD memory broke inside the camera. The card is no longer readable. There are a few articles online on how to recover pictures from broken cards, so all may not be lost.

We just made it to New Mexico as of about an hour ago! 
We've had several areas of no internet connection and so limited ability to update. 
The boys are still sick.  On the upside, I quizzed them today and they know the names and locations of all of the southern states.  They will have a wonderful homeschool field trip tomorrow with Daddy to the Carlsbad Caverns before continuing on our route. 

Friends of our's allowed us to stay in their driveway while passing through San Antonio.  It is was nice to see the Minicas, even though they were sick, too.  Their children are so sweet, happy, and obedient. 
We pulled off the road at their house before deciding where to park and got stuck in the sand!  But, even though it was a quiet road, someone came by right away, offering to pull us out with his tractor!  We were out in no time!  God continues to bless us this way, answering our prayers as we're praying them!  :)

We are excited to see what lies ahead once we get out to western Arizona. 


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