Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Prayer Request

We have been hit by yet another illness, the flu.  Christopher, Kerry and 5yo have had it for the last couple days.  7yo already went through it but is still coughing and blowing his nose and has a belly ache.  4yo and 5yo have had diarreah and 5yo threw up today and is complaining about his ears when he coughs.  1yo just started with a high fever and still has a cough from the last cold/flu.  4yo also still has a cough and runny nose from the last cold/flu, but is the only one to not have the current flu.  Kerry also has Mastisis.  I don't believe we have had one day since we left Ohio where everyone was feeling well. 
We generally don't get sick often and have never had so many things going on at one time.
We are currently hiding out at a state park in southern NM.

Forgot something:  Christopher has had a mystery bloody nose all day long


  1. Praying for you guys as well. Just a thought - is it possible the rv is bringing on the upper respiratory sickness?

  2. The colds/flus came from people who were already sick. Not sure where the stomach issues came from.