Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wheeling River Front, WV

Please pray for these men:

Al – He is staying with his daughter at night. He needs a job.

Art – He is homeless and living under a bridge at night. We were able to give Art a pair of reading glasses that he needed
Dennis – Says he knows about God but is a long way from Him.
 Please pray these men to seek Jesus and His provision. They all needs a job, housing, food, and fellowship. I explained to each of them the Biblical Gospel starting with our holy God. We discussed sin and how the 10 commandments leave all people guilty before God. I told them, ‘Just as you would expect any decent judge to deliver convicted criminals to jail, so does a righteous God.’ God’s holy standard requires that we punishes guilty sinners, because he is good and righteous. The Bible is clear on the sinfulness of all people. Remember, God does not judge us based on a comparison to how good or bad other people may seem. In the book of Romans, we are told that ‘there is none righteous, no, not one.’ It also tells us that ‘while we were yet sinners, Jesus Christ dies for us and gave Himself for us.’ True hope is only found in Jesus Christ.

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