Saturday, July 30, 2011

Witnessing with Children

       My kids often ask if they can come along and street witness to others. After a number of requests and the desire to model witnessing to my children, I decided to take them along. I have been including them each week in outreaches and street evangelism outings.
The boys and I at the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO. We were excited to have such a perfect tract for this area. Especially since no one we met knew about the Titanic trivia on the tract.

       One of their favorite things to do is handing out Trillion Dollar Bill tracts. They do such a good job too. They listen to what I say to people and even tell some of my ice-breaker jokes to people.
I recently found some photos on a memory card that never got posted. Here is a rare picture of me sharing the Gospel with a man on the streets of Albuquerque, NM. (I am usually taking the pictures :)

       This has been a great way for them to see how to act on their concern for peoples' eternal salvation. I think this is important for children to see and take part in. Whether it be praying for non-believers, volunteering or participating in an outreach there are many ways to serve the Lord in evangelism.

 Door to Door

       We are in Branson Missouri and have been helping out at Calvary Chapel of Branson. Pastor Sparky Ferguson has a heart for Branson and sharing the Gospel door to door. But, his health and the consecutive weeks of 100 degree temperatures have hindered his ability to do much walking around outside. So, this has been a great opportunity for us to serve the local church. This was also a first for us, as we have never gone door to door. So we made some flyers and took some New Testaments and Gospel of John booklets to pass out as well.

        And, of course, we brought some tracts too. Some times people were home and didn't answer the door. Most people who are home and answer their door are nice and give us a few minutes to talk to them. Those people who get excited about what we are doing tell us of which church they go to and send us on our way with encouraging words. We will continue going door to door this coming week.

Never Leave Home Without Them

        Wallet sized tracts have been one of my favorite tracts to pass out when I open my wallet at the store. I have been using the IQ Test tracts from I put them by my debit card and give one to the cashier. Usually, cashiers are busy and don't have time to chit chat, so I give them the tract and tell them that it is something fun to read on their break. These tracts are a available with different IQ tests on the front. They have the answers on the back. There is a second test on the back that ask questions about God and gives the Gospel. If no one is in line behind you, most cashiers start reading it while you are there. This becomes a great opportunity to answer questions and ask them about Jesus Christ.

All the tracts mentioned above are available from We buy nearly all of our ministry resources from them. Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, E.Z. Zwayne, Tony Miano, Mark Spence and the rest of Living Waters staff work hard to share the Gospel and equip Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ. I encourage everyone to visit their website. Stock up on tracts and check out their free resources

May God bless you and guide you.


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